As the hospitality and other retail industries, such as convenience stores and independent grocers struggle with ever increasing operational costs, many restaurant and bar owners  have turned to either surcharging their customers or using our preferred  method of incentivizing customers to use cash instead of plastic when  paying for purchases (Cash Discount Credit Card Processing).

For many retail businesses, this is a matter of survival. You can only raise  prices so high before your product or service offering will be priced completely out of the market.  If a business owner chose to reward its cash paying customers with a discount instead of surcharging all of their customers, the incentives are in the right place.  It takes about a 10%-12%  increase in prices to generate the same bottom line impact of  eliminating swipe fees for taking credit cards as payment. As a  customer, there is actual savings by paying cash versus using plastic.   See what these businesses in LA are doing:

Many  operators know that building in better pay and healthcare for all staff  members would drive menu prices up so much that it would kill business.   They also say that they feel squeezed by high rents, rising minimum  wage, and increasing food costs, in addition to the already notorious  thin margins found in restaurants.  There is a better solution, contact today.

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