The Robinhood Group

Cash Discount Credit Card Processing and digital Marketing Solutions

Loyalty Marketing & Cash Discount Merchant Credit Card Processing

Cash Discount Credit Card Processing

Cash Discount Credit Card Processing, No Fee Merchant Card Processing

 Since 2016, over 23,000 businesses and non-profits across the US switched to a 'Cash Discount' Merchant Credit Card Processing platform, literally saving  over $5.5 Billion in credit card processing fees every year. Contact us today to find out how we can help you add more profit to your bottom line. 

Digital Marketing and SEO Services

Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimizatio (SEO), and Online Reputation Management

 We provide a comprehensive suite of digital consulting services that include: Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Management, Social Media Marketing and Reputation Management, that can pull your web pages onto the first page of Google and other leading search engines, and deliver more prospective customers to your business  for your target market. 

Business Funding and Credit Lines

Business Funding, Loans, Credit Lines for Small and Medium Sized Businesses

 We and our strategic partners have relationships with over two dozen finance companies and banks with flexible underwriting guidelines for retail businesses. In most cases, we can help you qualify for loans or credit lines ranging from $25,000 - $300,000. Capital that can be used to expand your business or consolidate loans. 

Robinhood Loyalty Marketing


Delight your customers! Let our experience guide you in how to use our text based and points based technologies to attract and retain customers on an ongoing basis. Good customer experiences lead to repeat visits - Great customer experiences combined with thoughtful incentives bring customers in more often and lead to more sales, and positive online reviews.

Online Reputation Management


Many small business owners don't realize  how their company's brand is being affected by online reviews and or lack of positive reviews. Both of these situations can cause a business to lose lots of business to competitors, especially negative reviews. Don't let this happen to you; contact us today so we can monitor and enhance your online reputation.

Point of Sale Systems (POS)

POS Systems from Redfin POS Solutions for countertop, tablet or mobile

In order to streamline your retail back office inventory, personnel and accounting management, we offer the latest technologies in POS systems that will make running your business a breeze. These POS systems are available as Countertop, Tablet, and Mobile to match your business needs. Fully integrated with our Cash Discount Credit Card Processing.