Press Release

 Portland, Oregon, August 5, 2019 – The Robinhood Group, Inc.  (“Robinhood Group” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce that Manish  ‘Manny’ Parmar has joined the company as a Strategic Advisor. In this  role Mr. Parmar will serve as the Director of Retail Enterprise.

Mr. Parmar is a Certified Business Market Analyst and has been  advising corporate clients for over 27 years. His primary focus has been  in advisory work for business owners of income producing properties and  hospitality businesses such as hotels, shopping centers, restaurants,  convenience stores, and resorts. Throughout his career, Manny has worked  with over 1,500 clients, including some of the largest property owners  in the U.S. His specialties include: Cash Flow Management, Profit Stream  Optimization, Asset Protection, Maximizing Tax Efficiency, and  Corporate Restructuring. Manny has been recognized as one of the top 5%  in the U.S. for his specialty and was named ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’  by NASE in 1996. Prior to serving as a business analyst and consultant,  he worked as a sales executive, selling merchant processing services to  business clients. Manny graduated from the University of Texas, Richland  with a B.S. in Business Administration.

“I am very pleased to be joining The Robinhood Group as  its Director of Retail Enterprise. At this point in my career, I wanted  to contribute to the success of individual entrepreneurs throughout the  U.S., who strive every day to serve their customers in the best way  possible,” stated Mr. Parmar. He went on to say: “Brick and mortar  businesses are faced with more competition and financial pressure from  online competitors than ever before and what we offer at The Robinhood  Group, especially its Cash Discount Merchant Card Processing solution,  are essential for maintaining the profitability of retail businesses.  Further, our marketing solutions are not only affordable, but deliver  immediate return on investment (ROI) essential to help these businesses  succeed in a profound way.”

Roger D. Cruise, Co-founder of The Robinhood Group and Robinhood  Loyalty, states: “We are excited to have Mr. Parmar onboard with us as  we seek to ‘level the playing field’ for the ‘brick and mortar’  businesses striving to best serve their customers against the backdrop  of rising costs and increased competition. We know that reducing  operational costs combined with powerful, cost-effective, customer  engagement tools deliver immediate ROI for our clients. Aggressively  mandated and regressive minimum wage policies, combined with higher cost  of goods, has made running restaurants, hotels and other hospitality  enterprises in a profitable way, increasingly difficult. Our mission is  to help small to medium sized businesses throughout the U.S. succeed by  reaching their maximum potential.”

The Robinhood Group, Inc. delivers  technology tools and resources that help small to medium sized  businesses (SMB’s) thrive in highly competitive retail industries. These  tools and resources are strategically employed to maximize both top  line sales growth and bottom line net revenues for its clients, and  include: ‘Zero Fee’ Cash Discount Credit Card Processing, Loyalty  Marketing, Social Media Management, Online Reputation Management, Search  Engine Optimization, Online Advertising and Content Creation, as well  as business financing. The Robinhood Group is headquartered in Cheyenne,  Wyoming, and has satellite offices in Portland, Oregon and Dallas,  Texas.


Our objective is to increase our client’s cash flows via powerful savings techniques and strategies, delivering additional bottom line net profits, to maximize the fiscal health of the organization.