New Jersey Becomes the Second State to Ban Cashless Payments.

The agenda of the big and powerful credit card issuing banks has been to try  and create a cashless society. The reasons are obvious: more credit cards equals more credit card processing fees and interest charges to their consumer and merchant customers. Mass proliferation of plastic forms of payment by Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, etc. has been pushed by aggressive marketing campaigns with “Cash Back Rewards” frequent flyer miles and other “perks,” all at the expense of  business owners who choose to accept plastic cards as a form of payment.

New  Jersey and California both banned cashless payments within the last year because only accepting credit would allow discrimination against customers who choose to pay with cash, and create an environment where merchants would be forced to pay credit card acceptance fees. Thankfully some legislators ‘nipped this one in the bud’ with common sense policy and allow for the freedoms of each person choosing how they would like to pay. People who choose to avoid using plastic for their purchases should be rewarded by paying less with cash versus cashless payments.

The  Robinhood Group and several other national ISO’s provide Cash Discount Credit Card Processing to remove the expense of receiving payments by plastic with their unique card processing platforms. Recent changes in the Dodd-Frank law allow business owners to incentivize their customers to use cash instead of credit. By incentivizing cash purchases, customers receive a discount for paying with cash.  The Robinhood Group also provides innovative and powerful Digital Media Marketing strategies, including Social Media Management, Search Marketing Optimization (SMO) and Loyalty Marketing to boost new customer acquisition and top line sales growth.

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