A Solution for the Gross Receipts Tax For Oregon Businesses

According to several articles recently published by business, accounting and legal professionals, the Oregon State legislature passed the Gross Receipts Tax, which will adversely impact all businesses (primarily retailers). It was no surprise that the current Governor signed this into law, as this state cannot seem to control its runaway budget, and continually has its hand […]

Why Restaurants Are Adding Surcharges

As the hospitality and other retail industries, such as convenience stores and independent grocers struggle with ever increasing operational costs, many restaurant and bar owners  have turned to either surcharging their customers or using our preferred  method of incentivizing customers to use cash instead of plastic when  paying for purchases (Cash Discount Credit Card Processing). […]

New Jersey and California Ban Cashless Payments

 New Jersey Becomes the Second State to Ban Cashless Payments.https://whyy.org/articles/new-jersey-becomes-second-state-to-ban-cashless-businesses/  The agenda of the big and powerful credit card issuing banks has been to try  and create a cashless society. The reasons are obvious: more credit cards equals more credit card processing fees and interest charges to their consumer and merchant customers. Mass proliferation of […]