The Robinhood Group

Performance Based Advisors

Our goal is to deliver savings and/or recoverable financial assets to our clients. We at The Robinhood Group are a financial auditing firm relentlessly focused on creating effective and powerful ways to reduce operational overhead, debt, and/or deliver financial assets that may be sitting in a government agency’s account, just waiting for the statute of limitations to expire so they can permanently seize our clients’ assets.

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Why Choose Us

 The Robinhood Group is a zero risk, contingency-based cost savings and asset recovery company.  We negotiate on behalf of our business clients to get the best prices possible from their existing or new vendors.  We audit old invoices for errors getting our clients refunds and credits.  We increase the profitability and overall valuation of our client’s organizations.  We Audit government agencies and recover Financial Assets and return them to their rightful owner.

Powerful Savings Strategies

We help You leverage powerful ways to quickly boost your bottom line with significant savings and/or credits with our expense reduction program.

Asset Recovery Services

We use proven auditing strategies to locate and retrieve financial assets wrongfully held by government agencies, and return them to their rightful owners.

We will Improve Your Cash Flow

Our goal is to Deliver maximum cost savings to create a meaningful boost to your organization’s cash flows. We deliver these benefits without any upfront costs.

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Our objective is to increase our client’s cash flows via powerful savings techniques and strategies, delivering additional bottom line net profits, to the organization.  We also specialize in Financial Asset recovery for entities as well as individuals.