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Targeted Business Solutions

Your goals are our goals. We at The Robinhood Group are a business development and marketing firm relentlessly focused on creating effective and powerful Digital Marketing and Advertising strategies that attract New Customers for our Clients every day.

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Why Choose Us

Our objective is to increase our client’s customer growth in an efficient and profitable way, delivering both top line and bottom line growth, to maximize the health of the business.

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Powerful Rank Booster

We help You leverage powerful ways to quickly boost your online search rankings in order to drive profitable customer growth

Creative Solutions

We use proven strategies that deliver creative solutions to ongoing ongoing business challenges

Recycle Your Budget

We will show You how to reinvest a portion of your increased profits into proven ways to increase your ROI on Digital Content Marketing

Ongoing Support

We believe in long term partnerships with You, our client. We will always provide support for your Small Business Enterprise

Take Your Business To The Next Level

Our goal is to optimize and accelerate real business growth by aligning business goals with marketing goals, analyzing true performance indicators, and using a data-driven approach to maximize value and efficiency.

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How Can We Help You?

We exist to serve the needs of hard working entrepreneurs looking to take their business to the next level of profitability. We always start our relationships with a conversation so we gain an in-depth understanding of your business, your industry, and how we can help you be one of the dominant players in your local market.

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We use a combination of content creation, content management, and media distribution to provide the highest level of visibility and searchability for your enterprise

eCommerce Development.

As a business owner, if you're not already selling in both online and physical distribution channels, you are missing one of the greatest opportunities of our time. We can expand your sales channels from your physical storefront to your online storefront, maximizing the sales per square foot of your retail operations.

Social Media Marketing

The Social Media ecosystem provides tremendous opportunities to connect with your targeted audience. We can help you zero in on your ideal customer profile and design the best messaging to get them engaged with your product or service, and get them through your door, whether online or your physical store.

Business Analysis

The start of any successful engagement begins with a thorough analysis of what you're doing well with your business and would could be improved to optimize your operations and maximize your NET profits. Call us today for a free consult.

What Clients Say

After we were turned down for a credit line by the bank we'd been working with for over 10 years, we thought we were stuck, then a friend told us about Roger at Robinhood Group. Within 15 days we were approved for a $50,000 line of credit which gave us the flexibility to restructure our finances. These guys are a great resource for real solutions.
Renee Smith
Our restaurant was really struggling with all of the restrictions we had to deal with from half seating capacity to shorter hours. After a couple of meetings with Roger and his team at The Robinhood Group, we put together a plan to eliminate almost all of our credit card processing fees with their cash discount program (saves us about $12,500 in card fees annually). Then they put together a digital marketing strategy that brings more people to our business every week, including new customers that we wouldn't have been able to reach without Roger's help. I can't thank this company enough because we went from barely breaking even to actually generating a decent net profit. The Robinhood Group is a great company that really thrives on helping small business owners succeed.
Evyn Auger
Restaurant Owner
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Take Your Business To The Next Level

When looking to expand your customer base, it is imperative that you understand both why some people choose to buy your products or services and why others do not. This is why we never short-cut the process of digging in and researching both your existing customer base and those of your competitors. It’s through this data collection nprocess that we can create a powerful multi-channel marketing strategy for your business.

We take much of the guess work out of marketing with our data-driven strategies. Our proven methods provide your enterprise with accurate and actionable digital and physical marketing tactics that work to bring in more customers to your business.

We Love helping small business enterprises thrive! We are dedicated to the success of the Lifeblood of Our Country; Small Business America. Prior to the Forced Lock-downs by State Tyrants, small businesses made up over 51% of the employers in the USA. We are dedicated to helping small business owners grow an even larger market share over the next decade.

Too many agencies and consulting companies are big on hype and small on results. We go into every relationship with our clients’ best interest in mind and dedicate ourselves to making our research, tactics and strategies deliver the best possible results, and continually work to improve from there.


Our objective is to increase our client’s customer growth in an efficient and profitable way, delivering both top line and bottom line growth, to maximize the health of the business.